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Institutional Thinking for Individual Investors 

We believe that individuals and families can benefit from the rigor and sophistication that typically characterize institutional portfolio management. Our approach to managing client assets is rooted in the following core strengths:

Deep understanding. Before we invest any money for a client, we first determine the client’s goals, tolerance for risk, and time horizon. We measure these factors against our extensive knowledge of investments. Only then do we consider asset allocation and diversification.


Disciplined portfolio construction. Based on the specifics of each client’s situation, we provide exposure to an appropriate mix of traditional and nontraditional assets. We also seek to provide diversification within each asset class—across sectors, industries, and countries.


Rigorous oversight. When implementing a client’s investment strategy, we use a stringent process to screen top securities and asset classes, selecting the ones that meets the objectives established for that client. Once the appropriate asset exposures and securities have been chosen, we provide ongoing oversight and make changes as appropriate.

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